Open Hull Condition Model

An Open data exchange format for condition of ship’s hulls


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OpenHCM: from measurements to analysis

Purpose of OpenHCM

      Enables capturing all information required for determining and analysing the structural status of a vessel.

      It includes constructs for geometry information of plates and profiles as well as higher level structures.

      Independently can transport data collection from ThicknessMeasurementCampaigns the measurements and their later associations to plates and profiles of a full structural model as needed e.g. for strength analysis.

      OpenHCM also provides support for the use of "incomplete models" as well as for the incremental definition/population of the model data.

      Structural modification/replacements due to repairs can be captured thereby support modifications during the life-cycle of a vessel




      Started as a result of  CAS project (research project funded under EU Framework 6)

      Version 0.71 formed the base for an initial public version in 2009

      OpenHCM consortium founded in 2010

      Version 1.3.1 was later introduced in 2011

      Version 2.0 (current) was accepted in Sep. 2013


Key features

      Originally modelled along the basic definitions of ISO 10.303-218 (Ship Structures)

      Described as a XML schema, defining an XML file type.

      Implemented in some HCM systems, e.g. from Classification Societies such as BV, DNVGL, …


HCM Model 2.0


OpenHCM Consortium Members



      Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

      TechnipFMC (Cybernetix)


      Lloyds Register


      RS (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping)

      Sener (Foran)



3D online OpenHCM Viewer

A free 3D openHCM viewer is available online.

It is open source code, available here is available online.




For more information email to the OpenHCM consortium manager

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